TékenAja! for Banking

Because your customer matters. Securing all transactions, delivers a great customer experience, while enabling operational efficiencies.

Embrace Digital Transformation for Facing Challenges in the Banking Sector.

Banking industry needs radical change to remain viable by confronting new competition, adapting new business models, mounting regulation, and utilizing disruptive technology. Furthermore, customer demands are evolving as consumers seek round-the-clock personalized service.

Competition with new industry entrants.

Cultural shift toward a technology-first attitude.

Growing number of regulations that banks must comply with.

Increased expectation of digitized experiences from customers.

Accelerate Customer Onboarding While Maintaining Security and Compliance with TékenAja!’s End-to-End Solutions

Account Opening and Onboarding Process from Anywhere, at Anytime

TékenAja! enables an end-to-end digital process, so the customer no longer needs to make a physical visit to the branch to sign documents or present a physical ID. We have been trusted by OJK as an e-KYC digital financial innovation cluster, which can help you to implement KYC principles and make every step in the digital customer journey seamless and secure.


Significantly Reduce Transaction Time, and Cut Costs Even More

Say goodbye to the manual and outdated paper-based processes. Now everything can be done within a few minutes. Eliminate errors, and cut costs even more by getting rid of paper-heavy processes involving large volumes of manual processing, data verification, and paper storage.


Build Clients Trust and Make Their Life Easier

Digital signatures play a huge factor in securing all online transactions. Our encryption method makes them impossible to be forged and can only be processed after going through multi-factor authentication. Furthermore, the use of digital signatures provides an easy, convenient, personal, and accessible experience.


Achieve Greater Results with Our Solutions

Stay ahead of competitors and increase customer satisfaction with the seamless onboarding process.

Remain secure and compliant with our security and legal-compliance solutions.

TékenAja! Trusted by Prominent Consumer Banks in Indonesia

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See How Our Solutions Can Help Digital Transformation for the Banking.

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