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We are proud to serve companies from various industries

“TékenAja! is the first PSrE to earned Berinduk status from KOMINFO and has the highest level of security to protect our clients data. Your satisfaction is our priority!”

“TékenAja! is the first PSrE to earned Berinduk status from KOMINFO and has the highest level of security to protect our clients data. Your satisfaction is our priority!”


Digital Signature

Don’t get stuck on the administrative stuffs! Keep your business growing at your desired phase. Use TékenAja! to sign your documents with secure verification without any hussle! TékenAja! is available on web portal and mobile apps (Android & iOS).

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API Integrations

You have your own application and want to have a fully integrated experience for your consumer? TékenAja! provides ready-to-use API for your need! Our expertise will guide you on every step of the way to make sure it is running smoothly.

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Is there any restriction for your business to use cloud and/or SaaS? TékenAja! has the answer! You can store your documents on your own storage with your own security module. Every documents will never get away from your premise to be digitally signed.

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Maximize your productivity by implementing the first PSrE with eMeterai solution with API Integration. Our API Integration allows us to create a more convenient and seamless process to be built on your business process and ecosystem.

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A stamp is now also being digitized! There will be no ink stains, no paper, and no hassle. The E-Stamp offered by TékenAja! ensures its legitimacy and compliance with the law. Smarter and safer solutions every day!

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There are a lot of reasons to trust TékenAja! over others, but here are some of them

Security is Our Forte

We use military grade security module and proven Public Key Cryptography to protect your signature.

Privacy is Our Priority

Your data will be fully encrypted and we can not open it without your consent.

Comply to All Regulations

We are an authorized PSrE in Indonesia with Berinduk status and certified by reputable institutions.

Innovation is on The Way

As the market growing and comes up with briliant ideas, so we will keep up with our clients’ need and keep innovative to provide new features and products!

You Can Rely on Our Performance

TékenAja! Public Key Infrastructure has 99.9% availability without sudden downtime.


To give our clients the best and secure digital signature

ISO IEC 27001:2013

Information Management Security Certification

Ministry of ICT

Subordinate CA and Authorized Electronic Certificate Provider

Ministry of Homeland Affairs

Cooperation with Directorate General of Population & Civil Registration

Directorate General of Taxes

Cooperation with Directorate General of Taxes


Financial Service Authority

Digital Financial Innovation Under Regtech – eSign Cluster



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