TékenAja! for Healthcare

Protect the patient’s health and protect their medical records. Boost healthcare, minimize expenses, and prevent loss or misplacement of records or equipment with TékenAja! solutions, all while maintaining compliance, security, and privacy.

The Best Healthcare in the World is Where the Patient's Priority Comes First

In the healthcare sector, there is abundant paperwork that required to be filled out, signed, and verified. It is also vital to make sure that all data gets collected accurately, and at the same time, it is important to enhance the patient experience.

Technology advancement in the health industry is a bit behind the progress

Extensive paperwork process for inpatients and outpatients

The abundance of medical/hospitalization claim that the hospital must send to insurance provider

TékenAja! Solutions Enable You to Spend More Time Listening to Your Patients, and Less Time Processing Their Paperwork

Digitizing New Patient Registrations

Registration of new patients requires a long process and waiting times, meanwhile many patients need immediate treatment. With digital signatures, patients can now fill and sign their documents from anywhere, anytime, and from any device, instead of waiting in the hospital to verify and confirm receipt of forms.


Approval of Medical Processes

Collect the patient's agreement for any medical procedure or receipt of any medication with the legally binding digital signature. No more needs to print out or scan each document and easily store them digitally for future reference.


Make Billing and Processing Faster and Easier

Patients can easily sign all their medical bills digitally instead of signing manually, which require a long process to complete. Administrators can speed up the process, reduce errors, and receive payments faster.


Why Choose TékenAja! for Healthcare Institutions?

Hire reliable digital signature solutions, and see some of the potential benefits you can expect.

Confidentiality and security for documents / records

Simplify care coordination

Reduced processing cycle time

Customer satisfaction

Operational efficiency

Zero paper waste

Every Year, TékenAja! Capable to Potentially Increase the Healthcare Service in Indonesia

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