API Integrations

Sign, send and manage your documents with your desired interface and your own application seamlessly.



Run a full digital workflow from your website or application, we will guide you every steps of the way. With a high up time precentage, we will help to digitize your business and let you focus on your business growth!!

API – User Registration

Register the signer from your end and get the same digital certificate from TékenAja!. TékenAja! verifies all users identity and face biometrics to DUKCAPIL database to eliminate fraud possibility.


API – Upload Document

Your data and documents are encrypted and well-secured by audit trails for review or signing.


API – Signing Document

Sign your documents from your website or application without hassle!


API – Download Document

Last but no least, download and share your documents from your website or application!



Explore our API abilities to get make your platform more powerful


Increase security by using our 2-factor authentication for every signing process.

Bulk Signing

Sign more than one document at once!

Delete Documents

We provide delete document feature wheter on demand or by schedule.

Role Management

Manage role on your environment as your desired.


TékenAja! API integration service could be implemented almost on every platform available!

On Website or Application

Use your own website or application as the platform to digitally sign documents. Your users do not have to go our platform, which means you can whitelabling TékenAja!

On Third Party Platforms

Our digital signature solution could be integrated on your third party platforms such as eOffice, CRM, DMS, etc. as long as your third party platforms are allowing API integration method.

Integrate our API now! Or you can try to use TékenAja! web portal first.

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