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TékenAja! as the First PSrE With E-Meterai Solutions.

We are providing e-Meterai products that are integrated both in the Application Programming Interface (API) and website portal which are certainly effective and efficient to use. Electronic Meterai have been regulated based on Law no. 11 of 2008 (UU ITE) in Article 5 paragraph (1) which states that electronic documents are legal evidence. Thus, the position of the e-meterai on electronic documents is utility to the conventional meterai on paper documents.


Trade confirmation above 5 million rupiah
Invoice above 5 million rupiah
All agreement letter

TékenAja! as a Provider of Digital Meterai Products has Several Advantages :

Certified by Ministry of Communication and Information Technology

TékenAja! is the first PSrE in Indonesia and has been regulated by PSTE Government Regulation No. 71 of 2019 concerning the Implementation of Electronic Systems and Transactions.

API Integrated

More efficient with API Integrated that will make your business process much easier. In addition, e-meterai from TékenAja! has integrated with the digital signature just in one platform. In addition, It is cost efficient, and it provides ease in your business process.

Contact us NOW and sign your documents effectively and efficiently! or do you interested to run digital signature from your side?

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