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Enabling financial inclusion for everyone through technology.

Challenges Faced in the Fintech Lending Industry

Fintech lending grows in popularity and consumers increasingly have access to lenders outside of their local communities. Fueled by technology and the digital environment, transactions could occur through individuals, investors, and newly emerging businesses that have moved into this space, making fintech lending one solution to achieve financial inclusion for society. However, there are a number of challenges faced.

High level of false identity

Weak electronic signature leads to dispute

Organized fraud rings

Bolstering Fintech Lending Growth with TékenAja! Solutions

Helping P2P lending become a disruptive force in the financial services sector with efficient platform technologies, the ability to make more secure transactions, and legally binding digital signature.

Digitalize Onboarding Process with E-KYC

Using TékenAja! to enable electronic KYC (e-KYC) makes it easier for people to open an account and more affordable for financial service providers to reach out to underserved customers, especially in rural and remote areas where it is not economically viable to set up a branch.


Significantly Reduce Transaction Time, and Cut Costs Even More

Say goodbye to the manual and outdated paper-based processes. Now everything can be done within a few minutes. Eliminate errors, and cut costs even more by getting rid of paper-heavy processes involving large volumes of manual processing, data verification, and paper storage.


More Efficient, Seamless, and Secured Process

Digitizing the process with TékenAja! can also eliminating the barriers that exclude people from participating in financial activities. With an efficient, seamless, and secured process, the company can extend its scope of operations, field agents can now provide a greater focus on educating and raising the awareness of financial literacy in the communities.


Benefits of Using TékenAja! Solution for Fintech Lending

TékenAja! provides a digital certificate with user identity and biometric verification to the Ditjen Dukcapil database, delivering a higher assurance to the digital onboarding.

Seamless integration allows the passing of information between the two systems, driving quality and efficiency in the customer registration process.

We are legally compliant, so you can rest assured about our security and legality. Every digital signature made using TékenAja! is non-repudiable before a court of law.

TékenAja! Has Been Trusted by 4 Largest P2P Lending Platform in Indonesia

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