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Sign, send and manage your documents securely from anywhere at anytime with TékenAja!.



TékenAja! digital signature is crafted with very thorough in order to give the best user experience for our clients. We also giving lots of attention to our client’s data and document security, TékenAja! is adopting asymmetric cryptography and public key infrastructure. Sign, send and manage your documents securely from anywhere at anytime with TékenAja!.

Register user with face biometric and data checking to DUKCAPIL.

Upload your document and set the needed information as you desired.

Sign the document with signature drawing, our template or upload the picture.

Download and share your document!


Face Recognition

Facial recognition systems work by several methods, but in general they work by comparing selected facial features from a given image with stored image in the database. The system is also described as a Biometric Artificial Intelligence which can uniquely identify a person by analyzing the pattern based on the texture and shape of the person’s face. This three-dimensional facial recognition technique uses a 3D sensor to capture facial shape information. This information is then used to identify distinctive features on the facial surface, such as the contours of the eye socket, nose, and chin.


Signing Workflow

This is an optional feature to process more than one signer that allows users to make transactions between two parties that require mutual consent from each other. Thus, for documents signed by more than one person can be done in parallel or in sequential process. If user choose sequential, the second person will not be able to sign until the first person has signed, and so on. We will always know where your agreement is in the signing process. Set automatic reminders and receive notifications every step of the way. Our digital signature


Bulk Signing

The Bulk Signing feature allows users to digitally sign multiple documents in one click. If your company relies on high volume signing with your employees and customers, this feature can dramatically eliminate repetitive tasks.



Leverage TékenAja! to get these significant benefits!

Legally Binding

TékenAja! digital signatures has an equivalent legal effect as conventional signatures. TékenAja! has comply with Indonesia Legislation article 11 UU ITE and government regulation article 71/2019, subordinate CA by The Ministry of Communication and Information.

Save Your Time

Do not waste your time on printing, scanning, and storing your documents. Your resources do not have to spend much time on the road asking for a sign! Sign your documents in minutes.

High Security

The security of your documents and personal data is well-encrypted, decreasing document and signature forgery significantly and minimizing document damage possibility to < 1%.

Save Your Cost

No more papers, no more document shipping cost, no more resources operational cost for asking a document to be signed! Sign your documents in much less cost.

Contact us NOW and sign your documents effectively and efficiently! or do you interested to run digital signature from your side?

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