TékenAja! for Insurance

Simplify signing policies and digitize workflows, all with full legal guarantees.

Challenges in the Highly-Complex Insurance Industry

Insurance is a highly complex business, involving multiple processes to administer existing policies, renew policies, address customer inquiries, and process claims. With the rapid growth and changes in the Insurance industry, digitized workflow need to provide efficiency while delivering a high level of trust and security in user onboarding.

Long and complex process for new customer onboarding

Growth in fraudulent claim attempts and data forgeries

Dealing with channel overload and customer inquiries to get claims

Risk of losing customers to more digitally-enabled competitors

Reduce Costs, Increase Turnaround, and Improve the Services to Partners and Customers with TékenAja! Solutions

Automate and Digitize Workflows

Digitizing workflows helps insurance firms and agents to onboard more customers faster. No more time delays, drastically reduce the need for paperwork, reduce the number of uncompleted documents, and accelerate the entire signing process. With the e-KYC process from PrivyID, the validity of the customer's and agent's identity is guaranteed because it is verified by the database at Ditjen Dukcapil, thereby reducing the risk of fraud and maladministration.


Faster Processing and Undisputed Insurance Policies or Claim

Increase your business efficiency with faster processing and shorter approval time of insurance policies or claims. Simply send, share, and sign documents to your clients digitally. And with TékenAja!, you can rest assured of the legality of the signed document, because its contents cannot be denied and changed.


Stay Secure and Legal

With TékenAja! legally-binding digital signature, do not worry about the legality and security. We use two-factor authentication and advanced encryption to securely sign and store insurance documents.


Guaranteed Benefits of Using TékenAja! End-to-End Solution for Insurance

Reduce sales cycles for the application process and new customers registration with digital onboarding.

Faster processing and approval time of insurance policies or claims with reduced frauds and errors.

Guaranteed security, legality, and compliance, as every digital signature made using TékenAja! is non-repudiable before a court of law.

Market Leader in Life Insurance Companies with the Largest Assets Trust TékenAja!

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